1hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


Well Done!

This thought provoking show was well done. It not only dealt with the issue of race but also male/female in the workplace and most of all the daily dilemma of those in the legal profession. Great cast. Richard Thomas no longer in the John Boy image. Afton Williamson very powerful. Dennis Haysbert and Eddie Izzard GREAT!

Some laughs,drama was nothing unexpected

Not a huge Mamet fan, but once Eddie Izzard joined the cast I decided to go. He and Afton C. Williamson were the standouts. Both own the stage and make their somewhat stereotypical characters more believable. While race is a hot trigger issue in America, Im not sure the play added anything new to the dialogue, though it hits all the usual talking points. That said, it was one of the better Broadway plays Ive seen this year. I didnt find the play suspenseful at ll, though, but solid performances and Mamet does have a way with words.

There is Nothin To Race About

Stay home And dont Go Anywhere.This One Needs To Race Out Of tHe City. If you Are into Crimmal Justice,Law School Or May Be Jonaralist.Then Mat Be And If Not,This Sucks. Its Only About An Hour Or A Little Less. A Ten Minute Break And An empty Theather.The Cast Just 4 People,But America doesnt Need To Pay To Hear About A Rape.Awhite Men Raping A black Women In a Red Dress. Thats It Show Is Over Did He Do It Yes Or No? This IS Where Your Money Snd Time Is GoingDamm Boring.Dont Buy Any Snack Or Drink Youll Get Raped Not The Black Women.Please I could Just Stay HOme And LIstern To The News,Cnn Or ABC Nightline It Doesnt Matter.


This was a good play considering it to be a drama, the entire play kept me in suspense. All cast were good but James Spader was excellent! A must see!

Intense & Funny

I enjoyed The play RACE. We all know race is not an easy topic to discuss, but when you include sex and suspense you have a winner. It was an intense play but also funny and entertaining. David Alan Grier did a fabulous job and stole the show. His character was powerful, down to earth and just "told it like it is!" He added an element to the show that was needed to make it a success. I recommend it! Enjoy!


As a fan of theater, this show tops my list of favorites. I went in without an idea of what to expect and found myself entertained and riveted the entire show. James Spader, David Alan Grier, Kerry Washington, and Richard Thomas was an amazing cast; I hope to see it again before it closes.

Run to this Race

I finally saw David Mamets Race this weekend at the fabulous Ethel Barrymore Theatre. Much has been written about Mamets latest plays being "less than Mamet." I am not a huge proponent of holding artists to a rigid historical framework, yet went to this production with just a bit of apprehension. If the critics professional and water cooler alike find Mamets more recent works to be less explosive and edgy, I would agree. If they are equating the fading of sizzle and the increase of substance to be an indication of talent slippage, I would disagree. Race is powerful in the way that Mamet is always powerful. The use of language is intoxicating, the rhythms hypnotic, and the respect for the audience palpable. We are made to question the questions posed. There is subtext that is presented, not pretentiously, but dramatically. There are elements in the storyline similar to Doubt, and clearly the audience left the theatre in a similar; "did he, didnt he?" manner. The cast in classic Mamet style is comprised of four characters. Also, classically Mamet, is the poor female character. Whether the cartoonishly drawn female has become his intentional hallmark or not, it is there, as predictable as a Hirschfeld "Nina." The plot centers around a wealthy white man Richard Thomas accused of raping a black woman. The attorneys considering representing Mr. Thomas are played exquisitely by James Spader and David Alan Grier. Their assistant is a young woman of color Kerry Washington. Directed by Mr. Mamet, on an old fashioned slanted stage, creating great sight lines and interesting subtext. Mr. Thomas displays utterly convincing mannerism of the manner born. There was a moment, when Spader, Grier, and Thomas were on stage together, that I briefly thought of the different decades of pop-culture they represented In Living Color, Brat Pack, Waltons but that is entirely my own issue, and not that of the actors or the production! Ms. Washington is not served by her part or direction. She is stilted and not believable as a person, let alone a neophyte or con-artist were never sure which. Elizabeth Moss was recently able to break out of the Mamet female stranglehold in Speed the Plow. I would suggest, that Ms Moss is the exception. The only other distraction in the production is a strange pause between scenes in the second act. It is not needed dramatically or technically and is just kind of bizarre. If you love language, if you have any interest in race, politics or sociology, or if you simply love seeing brilliant performances, this is the play for you. It was entirely refreshing to leave a play feeling intellectually challenged and respected. The cast could be perceived as interlopers although all are stage actors and this could be seen by some as a bold face name production. It did not feel star studded in the least even William H Macy and his wife, seated in front of me did not disturb the lack of glamorousness of the production. Perhaps when all is said and done, Ill take multi-layered substance over sizzle any day.


I loved it. I talked about it for days. There were so many twists & turns. You didnt know how it was going to turn out. Very suspensful & controversial. James Spader was wonderful.

David David Alan Grier is amazing

this play is definitely a must see. the cast is superb. like so many of his plays David Mamet gave the audience something to think and talk about

I Loved RACE!

RACE is an interesting and entertaining compilation of the various attitudes we all, in one way or another, bring to the topic and the discussion of race. In a fast paced vehicle with plenty of humor intertwined with the drama Mamet delivers a play that does not answer the various problems of race relations, but rather puts them all out there for us, the audience members, to mull over after the show. He is telling us that even though we have a black man elected President of the United States the problems of each race understanding the other still needs work. The journey is not over. The performances by James Spader and David Alan Grier are both terrific! What a joy to hear these two thespians deliver Mamets dialogue with such ease. Richard Thomas and Kerry Washington both have smaller and more difficult roles to interpret because it is important that they be somewhat enigmatic. I saw the play early in previews and then again before Christmas...both of these actors have improved greatly, especially Ms. Washington. I did not like her performance at all the first time I saw the show, but she is growing nicely into the role and finding the character of Susan. I definitely would recommend seeing RACE if you enjoy great performances, interesting dialogue and a show that causes discussion for hours after the performance.

An Amazing RACE!

With several shows currently on Broadway, playwright David Mamet is a man on fire and his new show RACE is hot! I was intrigued by this show since the buzz hit the wires, and as a fan of legal dramas, thought-provoking dialogue and all matters concerning race, I was interested in seeing this show from the start. Race is such a complicated issue so when my theater group and I made our way to the theater on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we werent quite sure what to expect. Thankfully, David Mamet succeeds in tackling this matter head on with his thought provoking, engaging, controversial new play. Filled with Mamets trademark fast paced dialogue and snappy one-liners, the banter between the characters was at times surprisingly humorous and totally affecting and I was engaged from the start. David Alan Grier was in his glory on the stage and delivered his material with pitch perfect timing. I simply adored him in this role and I am not a huge fan of Grier. James Spader, who I love, was wonderfully smug in his supposed knowledge of black people and racial situations; so smug that he misjudged his star legal assistant Kerry Washington and underestimated her intentions. Great work! This wonderful play is marvelously complex, examining racism, elitism, classim and the like and leaves one thinking about their own biases and misconceptions. I recommend it quite highly!


This play is definitely worth watching. The acting is excellent across the whole cast. The play itself bears all the hallmarks of Mamet?s cynicism, aggression and wit. It does have the usual liberal sprinkling of bad language but to be fair that is mostly kept in context. It is without doubt one of those play that you come out of wanting to find out what everyone else thought about it and plays like that are really worth seeing. Is this how we really are but think we aren?t? Yes, the play is confusing and complex but that just requires a little attention and concentration and when was that bad for the mind? In this play, has Mamet mined the mind of black and white, male and female or are these characters just a dramatic context upon which to hang an engaging play? Go and find out.

RE:Overwritten-Confusing in parts

James Spader and David Grier were both phenomenal. They delivered in their own style what I thought was ofttimes a snappy banter of confusing script . The subject matter is compelling, but lost in what is not a natural flow of thought and delivery. As a law professional who loved Boston Legal, I appreciate both the challenge of law and its serious, sometimes comedic humanness. This play had the right ingredients, but needs rewriting so the audience feels like they are part of the thought process of deciphering law, logic, and racial attitudes at the same time.