Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Most Fun Musical on Broadway!!!!!

FUN FUN FUN ~ This electrifying musical will have you dancing & smiling non stop the moment the disco ball descends from the Palace Theater and that thumping disco beats gets everyones juices flowing as the Divas arrive hanging from the heavens, Priscilla begins and what an opening you will experience. Watch out "Mama Mia" Broadway has a new King ~ Queen! This show has it all from the Wild n Fabulous costumes, set and an amazing cast that will entertain you like no other show on Broadway and the MUSIC is Wonderful. Watching this show is like no other on Bway...You will be laughing, smiling, singing and dancing in your seats while this energetic & talented cast entertains non stop for 2 1/2 hours. Never a dull moment...One of the best nights on Broadway! I have never seen a audience go so wild for a show...dont wait a second...go experience and get your tickets now! Celebrate the "Pricilla" journey~you will not be disappointed!

High of Flash - Low on Heart

I have to say I was slightly disappointed in this recreation of the classic film. It was huge, flashy and you can tell that bus cost a pretty penny. However, somewhere in the process, the heart of the show was lost. Go to enjoy the music and pretty lights...dont go to be particularly "moved" also is sad that ALL the music is tracked.

Love that pink bus!

What a treat to see a big flashy show thats gay from begining to end, no way around that. Great use of popular disco tunes, and a much better story line than Momma Mia. I loved seeing the costumes reinvented, and the painting of the bus-great! As far as the cast, Tony Sheldon and Nick Adams are 2 strong contenders for a Tony Award

Loved it!

Very high energy show; I dont know how they do eight shows a week! Silly, soulful and satisfying. I loved it!

What an amazing show!!

I have to say, ive been to many musicals on Broadway, but this has topped them all thus far. The costumes, the colors, the music, everything about it was amazing!!!!! The seats were awesome thanks to the kind discount from!! I cant wait to see it again and again and again!!!!!

A Little too much "Queen" in This Desert

Lets start with the pros...excellent costuming, lighting, and a heartfelt performance by Tony Shelton make this worthy viewing for those enamoured of glitz and spectacle. Believe me both are served up in non stop.. For anyone looking for any dramatic resemblace to the original source materialthe film you will be sorely disappointed. The whole show has the look of a frenetic Las Vegas floor show circa 1960. The staging of musical numbers which are practically every scene is static, repetitive and rather unimaginative ...look at an old variety show from the 60s and youve just about have seen the show. The two other leads...Will Swenson and Nick Adams are sorely short changed in the acting department...If Wills is the lead sure could have fooled me. This adaptation of a hit cult movie favorite provides an entertaining, and mildly diverting evening in the theatre but what you really come away rememberingr are the few non musical scenes, the costumes, and a twirling bus.

Saw Priscilla 3/13

This was a really good, fun, and entertaining show. I have seen many Broadway shows and cant remember one getting the applause and the long standing ovation as this did. The only thing bad I can say about the show is the very talented Nick Adams overly developed muscular body didnt quite fit the role of Felicia for me.....but thats just me....

saw this Last nite

wow- what can I say. what a fun show. I cant think of anything Ive seen that was this outrageous. great music & acting , over the top gags. and amazing costumes . I recommend this for anyone that wants to laugh like hell & just wants to party and sing along.

RE:Saw the play in Toronto

My daughter 13 and I saw this in Toronto and I am not sure if any of the cast is the same. It was truly a fun, fantastic journey! I would highly recommend it to anyone, including families.