Outside Mullingar

1hr. 40min.


The Quiet Man Meets Moonstruck

Outside Mullingar is a beautiful romantic comedy penned by the brilliant Pulitzer Prize, Tony and Academy Award winning playwright John Patrick Shanley (Doubt, Moonstruck). The dialog is Irish home spun and touching. Basically the story is about a middle aged Irish man and woman, Anthony and Rosemary, who have known each other all their lives and live next to each other who want to have a romantic relationship but Anthony lets his shyness get in his way and control his expression of love for Rosemary. On the other hand, Rosemary has had it with waiting for Anthony to come around and begins to let Anthony know how she feels in no uncertain terms. I don't want to spoil the rest of the story for you but you get the idea. The plot is certainly not new to audiences but it is the beautiful and touching way Mr. Shanley presents it to us that makes this play creep into our hearts. Peter Maloney and Dearbhla Molloy play Anthony and Rosemary's father and mother in their usual superior manner. There is a scene between Anthony and his dying father that is worth the price of admission and moved everyone in the theater. The fabulous Brian F. O'Byrne (Doubt) and Debra Messing (Will and Grace) play Anthony and Rosemary flawlessly (although Debra Messing does have a wee bit of a problem with the brogue). Brian O'Byrne, a Broadway veteran is outstanding as usual. This is Debra Messing's Broadway debut and she nails her role beautifully. Her comedic timing is perfect and towards the end of the final scene you just want these two to get together so much you are aching for them to embrace. Speaking of which, you will embrace this funny and thoroughly enjoyable play from beginning to end. Go see it.