Next to Normal

2hr. 20min. (1 intermission)



I saw N2N last November 20, and was VERY fortunate to catch the ENTIRE original Broadway cast, including Aaron who had returned a few months prior from Catch Me If You Can and Alice. They were WONDERFUL, and worked SO WELL as an ensemble! I LOVED it. And I was also fortunate that all of them came out to sign at the stage door after the show, so I got all their autographs and pictures. The show comes back to Cleveland in June next year, with Alice, and I CANT WAIT to see it again!!! :-

Next To Normal

This play was seen in the Booth Theater Midtown NYC: I admit that having grown up in a home with someone who suffered from depression I was curious about how it was even possible to write a play, let alone a musical, on the topic. After having seen the play, I?m a believer. The play was extraordinary and it doesn?t matter whether you know someone in your family who suffered from this ailment or not, you will get something from this play. Although the play is written specifically about depression you could simply change that word to cancer, kidney failure, heart disease, etc. and the play would have the same meaning. At the very core of the play it?s just a family and how they deal with a family illness. If your fortunate enough not to have had anyone suffering from an illness, in your immediate family, then apply what you learn from the play to friends, neighbors or relatives and you will never look at them the same again. For those of you that like plot twists and unexpected endings you will not be disappointed here. Although I was not moved by the ?face? you will see in the scenery, during the show, one of the friends I brought to the theater thought it was amazing and likened it to ?eyes looking into your soul?. This play is a good night of theater!

Jessica Phillips Rocks!

We saw Next to Normal on May 18. Alice Ripley was NOT performing that night. We were, honestly, a bit disappointed as we had heard raves and of course, she won the Tony. Wed also watched some clips on YouTube, so we were somewhat predisposed to what wed be seeing. Another cast change:, Brian DArcy James, who plays the other lead, the husband, Dan, had literally just returned to the cast. Honestly, we felt those two leads played so well together and we were just blown away by their performances and the rest of the cast, especially the actor who played their son Gabe. To our minds, Jessica Phillips was just terrific. Dare I say it? Maybe even better than Ripley ! If you go, dont worry if Ripley isnt performing the lead of Diana. Just go and let yourself enjoy the evening. The lyrics are great, but frankly youll just enjoy the music if you like rock even when you cant always hear them. The orchestra members, scattered in various parts of the stage, occasionally drown out the actors when they are vocalizing. One of the most worthwhile tickets on Broadway.


Excellent music, great performances, a very touching and powerful story. Simply the best musical I have seen in a long, long time. Run to see this one...its far from the "normal" musical on Broadway.

Best Show EVER!!!!!

Next to Normal is my all-time favorite Broadway show. It is absolutely amazing! The music is fantastic. The story, even though its depressing, is extremely captivating. My advice... GO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

Next to Normal

I thought it was great. Alice Ripley put on a powerful performance as a woman with bipolar, and while it was a little depressing, I found it to be captivating. The music kind of reminded me of Spring Awakening, but I liked this soundtrack better. All in all, I dont think this is a show that everyone would enjoy, but I really liked it.