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The Ten Commandments
By Terri Roberts · Oct 1, 2004
Val Kilmer in The Ten Commandments (Photo © Robert Dennison) Oh, my god! Abandonment, lies, deceit, treachery, corruptive power, plagues -- yes, the sto
NYMF Roundup #3
By David Finkle · Oct 1, 2004
(Clockwise from left:) Aaron Berk,Aaron Ramey, Deb Heinig, and Kate Shindlein The Woman Upstairs (Photo © Marcus Jones) [Ed. Note: This is the third i
Boston Spotlight: October 2004
By Sandy MacDonald · Sep 30, 2004
Watching More than Just the Leaves
Haunted Houses
By Adam Klasfeld · Sep 30, 2004
In the spirit of Halloween, this month's children's musicals tell tales of aliens, bees, creepy crawlers, dentists, et cetera! Plus: Robin Hood in the White House.
A Banner Year
By Brian Scott Lipton · Sep 30, 2004
Blessed with a baby and an Emmy, Tony Award winner Mary-Louise Parker returns to Broadway in Reckless.
Women on the Verge of HRT
By David Finkle · Sep 30, 2004
Kelly Taylor, Tom Souhrada, and Joan D. Slavin in Women on the Verge of HRT(Photo © Joan Marcus) No creative artist has come up w
Your Favorite Off-Broadway Scores
By Peter Filichia · Sep 30, 2004
Filichia's readers respond to his list of the best Off-Broadway musical scores with their own choices.