Mrs. Warren's Profession

2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Mrs Warren's Profession on Broadway

A wonderful production of one of Shaws greatest plays with outstanding performances by Cherry Jones and Sally Hawkins. I have posteed a long review of this play on my blog


While it was written in 1894 it is still stimulating theatre. I thought that Cherry Jones was superb and Sally Hawkins was fine, though not entirely right for the part. Well staged and designed, it gave me a worthwhile theatre evening.

Simply not good acting

Instead of having witty and colorful acting it was often reduced to screaming matches ...

Mrs Warren's Profession

I really hesitate to comment on such a stellar cast but to me, this just didnt work as the play that Shaw wrote. I agree that the idea of trying to make Mrs. Warren speak in some sort of ersatz East London accent was a mistake. But this was not the overall problem. Somehow, the real thrust of the play seemed to be lost, perhaps it was because a play with a simple premise was over-produced. I am afraid to say that I have seen better productions of this play, the main difference in those cases being simplicity. I will say that I saw this production at one of the first previews and there may have been changes made since then.It will be interesting to see what the professional reviewers say.

RE:Worth seeing

This is raditional production but clean and very well directed and acted. The program made a bit of a deal of Kittys language coaching to learn the Cockney accent; it would have been better not to mention this, as Kitty sounded as American as Uncle Sam; Vivies English accent was however excellent, as was her acting. Occasionally the dialogue was a bit rapid to understand, but it is moving and dialectic has lost none of its relevance and potency. Very good theatre.