Mothers and Sons

1hr. 30min.


Moving drama with humor

I saw Mothers & Sons last week. I really enjoyed it. All the actors in this show shine. Tyne is always amazing. Frederick also gives a great performance, and Bobby and Grayson do too. I think the play is also a really good work. I will say that I laughed often and got weepy eyed a few times too. Being an older gent, I lived through the Aids crisis, and this show brought me back to those first years when everyone was dying, and it seemed like nothing was being done, and everyone was scared, and angry and depressed. That was emotionally hard. But the theater is intimate, and the show is engaging, and the actors are pulling you in, and you really want them to work it out. So you laugh, you cry and you go with it..... what else can you do? Except go get a ticket and see it.