Mary Poppins

2hr. 45min. (1 intermission)


I Loved It

This is a great traditional musical. It will deliver everything you are looking for in a Broadway musical, plus it is a great option for families. Every bit as good as Lion King!


This show was amazing!!!! the set was amazing! the acting was amazing! the dance numbers were amazing! see the show! its fun for the whole family

What skill!!

The actress playing Mary Poppins was INCREDIBLE. Great dancer, great singer, but EXCEPTIONAL actress. Her Burt was adorable and gave me a huge "wow" when he was tap dancing and belting on key not only upside down but from the top of the theatre!! loved it. and the new amsterdam theatre is GORGEOUS.


This was a fun show. I think Step in Time is the best number in the show! So energetic and fun! Made me want to jump up and dance! Check it out! And no kids required!

MP - A must see

Ive been humming the songs for weeks now. It is fantastic! Even better than I remember as a kid! New Amsterdam Theatre is great!

mary poppins

excellent excellent excellent magnificent set design awesome play it is a must see would go again

Made me feel like a kid again

If you love the Disney movie then you have to see this show. It brings new life to the songs you remember and love. There are also a few new songs that are just as great as the recognizable ones. This is a show where you will be laughing and crying. The ending of this show will make you fall in love with the practically perfect nanny one more time. Go and see this show, you wont regret it.

Truly a MUST SEE!!!

Got to see it in New York on a trip with my friend. This show brought wonderful childhood memories of the Julie Andrews movie back to life for me. Lovely show - worth the cash!


Great music & staging, and a wonderful cast that makes it all magical!!

Disney Brings Magic to Broadway

People dancing on the ceiling and flying. Furniture popping out of no where. This musical isnt anything short of magical. It is the best Disney musical on Broadway, and will remain so until it closes. Recommendation: Be a kid again; have a healthy spoonful of sugar and I guarantee, you wont regret it!


Must will love, Adults, children, seniors...I did not want it to end!!!!

i love it

it was beutful i did not want to leve but its time to see tt again if i get tickets.

re:"Discount" does not work

Click on the blue check for discount tickets button. Join or sign in and then youll see the code and the link to buy the discount tickets.

"Discount" does not work

I clicked on the link and no promo code shows up and no discount is offered when purchasing the tickets.

Mary Poppins: Broadway, January 2007

Excellent , excellent production! Lots of Broadway special effects. Awsome ending! I loved it and will see it again!

London - pre broadway run.

I saw it in London in 2004. It was AMAZING!!!!!