Lucky Guy

2hr. 5min. (1 intermission)


We're lucky to have this show on Broadway

I saw Lucky Guy while it was in previews. Lucky Guy is a play based on the life of the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Mike McAlary's rise, fall and resurrection (both physically and professionally) as being a prominent newspaper investigative journalist. Written by the late Nora Ephron, the dialogue and story line are worthy of high praise; something you would expect of Nora Ephron. The story was well researched and shows the true nature of the gifted McAlary warts and all. What I liked about the play was it brought an insight into the world of newspaper men and women and the closeness and competitiveness they have in their chosen profession. The cast is made up of outstanding professionals who perform magnificently. You've seen all of them before and will recognize most of them on sight. Of particular note was Maura Tierney who played Mike McAlary's supportive and strong willed wife with her usual perfection. Of course most everyone in the theater will come to see Tom Hanks . You will not be disappointed. Mr. Hanks plays his role as Mike McAlary brilliantly with just the right amount of warmth and charisma. It is a pleasure to see such a talented and celebrated actor perform live on stage. Welcome to Broadway Mr. Hanks. We hope you will find a home here! This play is very entertaining, interesting and highly enjoyable. It is a very fitting tribute to both Nora Ephron and Tom Hanks. Go see it!