2hr. (1 intermission)



Valerie Harper is amazing in this role and the play is wonderful. Its funny and a good story line that kept me interested, engaged, and laughing. The audience loved it. This is one of those rare great theatre experiences. You can trelate how hard acting is and how good it is when you are in the hands of pros. This is a big Wow!

Waste of Time and Money

Valerie Harper is wonderful, though painfully limited, but what a terrible play. The play goes nowhere, says nothing, relies on overly conventional stuff about closeted gays and is ultimately a crashing bore. Harpers drag-queen-style impersonation of Tallulah is good for about ten minutes, but since theres really no play here its all about attitude and camp. No surprise the house was only about 3/4 full on a Friday night.


I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Looped on March 17th at 2pm. Ms Harper was fabulous. She has my vote for a Tony!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tour de Force

A must see for the role of a lifetime for Valerie Harper. If she doesnt get a Tony for this one there is no justice! She IS Tallulah Bankhead!!!

good for a laugh, but not much more

The material here would likely have made a better stand-up act than a two-act play. Valerie Harper was a hoot when throwing off one-liners, but far from stellar when things got serious. And Brian Hutchinson foil to Valerie was miles away from being convincing. The sexual wisecracking might have been shocking 50 years ago, but its a bit like a "naughty" Las Vegas night-club comedy routine now.


Laugh out loud funny. Just go!

Valerie is still America's Sweetheart

I really wish Valerie had her own TV Show again. Theres no one whos ever replaced her in our hearts. This play is a vehicle I guess, for her, but not really, as what we love about Valerie is--Valerie. Not Valerie as this sad woman. I hope for Valeries sake all her fans come out to see her in droves to keep this play up and running. Shes still a bright and shinny star.


This show was great! It was hilarious, but it portrayed Tallulah as a fleshed out character, not as a parody! A must see. I think Valerie Harper deserves a Tony for this. her co-star was awesome, too. Developed character


A great play with an outstanding performance by Valerie Harper. Tallulah lives again !!!!