Lend Me a Tenor

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Such a shame

We saw Lend Me a Tenor last Sunday. Anthony, Tony, and Brooke all snuck into an awaiting car after the show, leaving dozens of people expecting them to come out the stage door as Justin Bartha did. Now, maybe there was something more important than all those people who traveled hundreds of miles and paid $100 each. Really, maybe there was. But couldn?t an employee give the audience the courtesy of letting all them know those stars would not be out for autographs or photos. I watched several young girls leave in tears over the disappointment and it broke my heart. It could have been avoided

lend me a tenor

4 star rated but all performers give it there all 5 stars then


I was not a great fan of this show 21 years ago, but in director Stanley Tuccis slam-bang staging,this is now a rarity, a truly funny and sometimes uproarious theatre evening performed for all its worth by a wonderful cast. In this joyful production this is now a classic farce. Well worth seeing.

Wonderful Experience!

This play was over 2 hours of laughter for the audience. Everyone was on their feet when it ended and well deserved accolades in particular for Anthony LaPaglia and Tony Shaloub. Justin Barth was a surprise treat. Bravo to all!

Lend me a tenor

The greatest comedy event! Stanley Tucci- a genius- his staging is recognizable from his comedy-style, I saw his movies, I love them! Tony Shaloub is incredible and genius also hysterical and frenetic! Justin Bartha is a great actor alraedy with a decent singing voice! Everybody is doing such wonderful job in this comedy! Theater goers must see this comedy! I had the BEST TIME!!!

Too expensive for me

$86.50 - $121.50 ; $191.50-$251.50 These are DISCOUNT TICKETS????????

Hard to believe it was in previews

Its no secret is that comedy is hard, which is why its remarkable that the show has such a polished, mature feel so early in its run. Director Stanley Tucci has a real eye for the timing and small touches that it takes to make a comedy particularly a farce so satisfying. The cast gels very well, and Justin Bartha is a real eye-opener. He seems completely at home on the stage, despite no mention of professional stage experience in his bio. Lend Me a Tenor is a sure thing for anyone looking for a great comedy on Bway.

Great fun

the timing was impeccable....loved the play...had some great laughs.

lend me a tenor

I laughed so hard, my face ached! The comedic timing was right on though I occasionally missed a line because I was laughing!,...actually, Id just rave about everything about this show so Ill just recommend that you dont miss it!


Very, very enjoyable! Saw preview on 3/14 and loved it. Great cast! It was a great afternoon on a very dreary rainsoaked weekend. Sure to be a HIT!!

RE:Excellent Acting/Pure Broadway

Get the discount tickets while you can, the show is going to be a hit.