Leap of Faith

2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Miss This and You Miss...

A friend told me she did not enjoy this show and went on to find every fault in the world with it. I fault her on her fault finding! Somewhere along the way she said there is too much of "Jesus on Broadway" and that explained it all, too much Jesus. This is not a Jesus-in-the-face musical, not at all. What it also isn't is a blasphemous, every-two-words-a-cuss-word musical, so there, there goes its appeal. For me, what it is is an excellent musical with fantastic, memorable, provocative and very thoughtful lyrics by Glenn Slater and an exciting, dramatic score by Alan Menkin accompanying an impressive, moving book by Janus Cercone and Warren Leight with incredible performances by the entire cast, Raul Esparza and Jessica Phillips in the lead. Suffice it to be so, enough name dropping. Needless to say, I was captivated by this show, it's for the entire family and that made all the difference in the world for me. One more name, Sergio Trujillo, choreographer. When I attend a performance where I want to get up and dance, and my body is contorting and my feet are moving, I enjoyed it and I did. No, I did not get up and dance, yes, I wanted to and yes, I enjoyed it tremendously. Christopher Ashley did what a fine, competent, no, capable director does in his direction of "Leap of Faith," holding it all together, pulling it off, flawlessly. Would I recommend it? Maybe there is a lot of Jesus on Broadway, but if that's the reason for a show like this, Amen, let it be so. I would not only recommend it, but I'm going to see it again.