In the Heights

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


An Authentic Story of Humanity

"In the Heights" is a truly beautiful story about a community in need. Its inhabitants seek validation and a place in this world as their neighborhood shifts to gradually move them out. All of the music is enlivening, entrancing, and FUN. This show has it all--drama, comedy, romance, even action. This story speaks to the hearts of all humans because no matter our race, how we look, or where we come from, we all have aspirations and dreams and seek to be something in this world. And guess what--I met the producer on the PATH train one morning last year! He is a wonderful man, very humble and down to earth. God bless him for blessing me and my boyfriend not only with his kind words and friendly character, but with the orchestra tickets to see this show last summer. He was very wise to produce "In the Heights" and I am very happy that I was able to experience it before it closed. I hope it comes back so my mother and sister and father can experience the awesomeness as well!

Still travelling to Charlotte in Feb

I loved the show, saw it in 2009. Im working on winning an online contest for tickets to In The Heights in Charlotte. Can you dudes help me and click this link?


Great music, lots of energy , and lots and lots of fun


Loved this show so much.... evoked memories of my own neighborhood in the Lower East Side. Great characters and great actors! I absolutely recommend and I plan on seeing it again myself!

hip, heartwarming, good humored

We saw it Sunday night with the understudies in the lead. I was mesmerized, I could have just sat there and watched it over again. A rock-hiphop-salsa opera that takes the "Rent" model to a higher level with a bigger dose of humanism

So much potential

Exciting and well performed

Great cast. Great score. Great set. Choreography not Hispanic enough. Book a tad contrived, disjointed and dated but carried by sensational actors.

great show

i saw the show 2 times still the best

In the Heights

WOW! We really loved this show! Fantastic talent and great energy, we laughed, cried and danced in our seats! Dont miss it!

In The Heights

Good Singing, dancing and poetry. Not enough plot but entertaining. Westside Story, of course, was the groundbreaking first of this genre. Westside Story is a definite must see! See it first and compare! There is none like it. Should have gone to "Jersey Boys". Missed it!

In The Heights

I saw this production in 2008 with the original cast. It was entertaining to watch and I thought the characters were realistically portrayed. The coreography was a bit corny but overall I had fun.

In The Heights

We saw this show before it opened on Bway and kept saying to each other, that it was a Westside Story wanna be. We guessed that it would move to Bway because it had a certain zip.....but we never thought it was anything but a Westside Story wanna be. If anyone reading this, has NOT seen Westside Story, then you might like this show. But go see Westside Story first, and then "Heights" and you will feel the same way. Nothing can touch Westside Story, which is a fantastic fantastic must-see musical.

from poet Poet Laureate washington heights

excellent hip hopping and good singing good dancing good rhyming and poetry sizzling

The Best Play I have seen since WIcked!

I LOVED THIS PLAY! and cannot wait to take my sister to see it! I laughed, I cried, danced, it was energetic, and teh music was great. I highly recommend this play!


Great birthday gift from my husband and best friend! Enjoyed laughing, dancing in my seat and being deeply moved! Great seats for great price!

Fun Show...dont get the cheap seats!

Show was fun and energetic! I loved the lighting and sceneic design. Only thing was i got the cheapest level seats and they were above the line of the speakers so it was hard to hear a lot of the dialog! Spend the extra money and dont get the cheapest level seats!

Best show!

This has become my favorite Broadway musical ever. I just cant get enough of it. I keep going again and again. The new cast members bring a new take to the show!


My husband and I saw this play today and we were blown away by the energy and talent. Loved the dancing and singing and the story line touches all generations. Highly recommend seeing it.


I have seen many musicals and this one by far takes the cake. Amazing musical. Loved it. Got to meet some cast members at the end of the show. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!

You will love it.

I have seen ITH twice on Broadway. Loved it both times.


I saw "Heights" off-Broadway twice, then on Broadway, twice, would go again and again if I had the money and the time. Just go!


I was absolutely blown away. The show had alot of energy! I danced, cried, and laughed in my seat. The music was great and my friends and I left the theater inspired!!!

Phenomenal Show - Bad Seats

Watch where you get your tickets. You can stuck under an overhang if you sit orchestra more than 20 rows back. This definitely takes away from the experience because it cuts off 1/2 the stage - be aware of this and dont buy tickets unless you are in first 15-20 rows.

Hits home with Latino/a New Yorkers

I loved the Latin flavor of the show! I went to high school in the heights Washington Heights, for those not in the know, and my friends and I were laughing at how close it hit to home. A show my family can enjoy, because they can actually relate!!


I consider myself a pretty savvy theatre goer and have been somewhat underwhelmed by whats been on Broadway the last couple of years. Well, this show reminded me of why I love theatre in the first place. Amazing performances, amazing voices, inspiring stories and a joyous expression of art. This show has it all!!! Run, dont walk to the Richard Rogers...

Great time!

This show reminded me of how I felt the first time I heard RENT 10 or so years ago. The entire cast is very energetic and its very contageous. Youd be hard-pressed to not enjoy this show.


Lin-Maunel is The Best! A show that makes you want to DANCE in the aisle.!A show that tells a wonderful story with a cast of SUPER TALENTED guys and gals! I have seen the show three times and was thrilled each time!

In the Heights!

This show was absolutely AMAZING! It hit home on so many levels and spoke of the true essence of Washington Heights. It took me on a ride back to my childhood and beyond! I couldnt stop laughing..and at some points crying. I would definitely recommend this show to anyone, whether you are familiar with the culture or not. I want to see it again and again!

In the Heights

Loved It!! wanted to get up and dance. The music, the choreography was soo

In the Heights

Saw it last spring off broadway and my husband and I just loved it! MM Phila.