How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

2hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


"HOW TO SUCCEED" is dated satire

I loved it in 1961 and thought it was ok in 1995, but after 50 years it seems tame and even a little foolish, despite the still fine Frank Loesser score and a lively production. It proves that satire dates quickly and shows like this are very much tied to their time periods. Still, the score is classic, and theshow is fun if you arent to fussy.

Not disappointed

Story was cute, Daniel Radcliffe was great! Good chemistry between him and John Laroquette. I found the storyline slow at times though and caught myself yawning.

Review: How To Succeed by Mush

The very best I have seen on Broadway in a long time. Daniel,Radcliff had big footprints to follow and he did it! He can sing and really dance and has good comedic timing. The dancing,sets and LIVE orchestra all added to a perfect night on Broadway. The book written by Abe Burrows,Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert is co clever and funny. A good satire on big business.

How to Succeed Review

OK - so the question on everyones mind is... "How was Dan Radcliffe?" And the answer is... pretty darn good. I saw him in Equus and was very impressed, and this proves his versatility. His voice is a bit thin but not bad, he is a very good actor and he moves surprisingly well. The big surprise to me was the chemistry between Radcliffe and John Laroquette - they both seemed to be enjoying working together immensely. Radcliffes chemistry with his leading lady was less so, but then in the performance we saw the understudy was in the role. As it was a preview performance I would guess it may have been her first performance in the role and while she did a very good job it was clear she was a bit lost in a few places. My biggest complaint was that Rob Ashfords direction was, as usual, a bit frenetic. But its a minor complaint because theres certainly always something going on onstage! Overall I would recommend the show to musical fans and recommend it highly to either fans of the show or Mr. Radcliffe.

Great show, but...

High energy, awesome show. But I was highly disappointed that Daniel Radcliffe did not come out and greet the fans waiting patiently at the stage door. The burly unpleasant guards curtly told us that "Daniel Radcliffe does not stage door after matinees." Certainly soured me on spending $130 a ticket to see a star who doesnt appreciate fans who prefer an earlier show!