Harry Connick, Jr. in Concert on Broadway

Opened Jul 15, 2010
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RE:Great show BUT!

Harry and his band were great - his father sang, quite well, I might add. Obvious where Harry gets his voice. BUT, my biggest gripe is all the selfish, inconsiderate people who were using their phones, recording, snapping photos, and the theater staff did NOTHING to stop it. Extremely distracting, with all the little screens flickering away. Plus, it is ILLEGAL to record and/or take photos during a performance. PERIOD! I spent a lot of money to see this show and feel that I was ripped off by the theater, its staff, and ultimately, the management. Given that Harry and his crew were working overtime to deliver a stellar performance, I could not enjoy it. Props to Harry and his star trombone player, plus his dad. Boos to the jerks and their phones. The theaters must clamp down on this, hard!