Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

2hr. 25min. (1 intermission)



Tired, old and boring. Thx God I got $25 Rush tix. The leads "walked" thru their scenes and thats pretty hard for a musical with the cast running around. Maybe at 47 Im the one too old. The 20s somethings were crazy for it. I guess you call that lack of theater experience. Time will tell.


I have seen this show 4 times now and every time I go, I just leave the theatre wanting to go back! I love the cast and the music is excellent. I have seen the 2009 Revival Cast 3 times and the new cast once but I sadly have not seen Ace, Kyle or Diana yet. I will be going in August and I am looking forward to our front row seats! I hope this show stays around for a long time!

Loved it

Saw it last year with the other cast. May try to get up to see it with this cast.

You can't kill "Hair", but they tried

Review: It was OK by aboz97 Hmmm - too littl plot - too many people falling to the floor in lieu of choreography. rating: 3 stars ? posted on 2/26/2010 at 6:37 PM I would add that the original DID have a plot. In this production, it is totally obscured by having the whole Tribe on stage all the time. Also, choreography is too kind a word for the endless simulated, clothed pornography of the first act. For what its worth, as somebody who was there, there was no such thing in the real hippie world -- nor in the original production. And the women ought to let their pubes grow back! People without clothes is pretty old news in 2010, but the freaking show is called "Hair", isnt it?


Its magical, poetic, relevent--

It was OK

Hmmm - too littl plot - too many people falling to the floor in lieu of choreography.

My Tribal Experience

I went and saw HAIR with my school, I got to go to my first Broadway Workshop and it was awesome! HAIR was amazing! and i got to go up on stage and it was always my dream to go on an actual broadway stage. I would see it again in a heart beat


I took my mom to see Hair...It brought back so many memories of the 60s for both of us. Kudos to the actors..they made us feel like we were right there! Gavin was amazing as Claude. We even danced in the aisle!!


Hair is SO good. Im really excited to see the new cast when this cast transfers to London... it will be a whole new Theater experience, since thats what Hair is all about.

Theater Lover

I took my daughter who loves to follow the origins and times of classic rock. She loved the music but we both thought the main character went over the top. I dont recall anyone who behaved that way. Everyone else was genuine and aligned with the times depicted in the play. Still glad we saw it. Brought back memories and enjoyed the new songs!


Thankfully I saw the original musical in the 60s. This was a very entertaining production with one exception: Will Swensons performance was infantile and obnoxious and ruined what would have been a very good production. I found him to be actually embarrassing. The show would have been perfectly fine without him being involved. Gavin as Claude was the saving grace. Thank you Gavin!

Spiritual Experience

Heart-breaking, exhilarating, thought-provoking, and FUN!

hair not worth seeing

the band was so loud, you couldnt hear the actors, they also lacked luster, I saw the first Hair was much better


I have seen over 25 musicals with original casts, HAIR just bumped up to my top 5 best ever. It left me with a warm glow all over. I brought my 16 year old wannabe hippie daughter. I believe her expectations for future boyfriends has just escaped reality!!!! Cant wait for it to come to Chicago I will be buying front isle seats!!!!! We saw the show a couple nights before the Tonys it made it all so much sweeter when they won!!!!! Cant wait to download the music. GO Go Go run and get tickets and have a great time!!!! Warmly tribal Mom and daughter

Hair needs to be experienced by all!

There are no other shows like Hair. How many shows use their cast The Tribe its fullest potential? Everyone in the cast is excellent from the leads to the rest of The Tribe. How many shows are as relevant today as they were forty years ago? Though, the Hippie movement is long gone, the themes of war, sex, and drugs are as relevant today. Most importantly, How often does the audience get to be part of the show? The Tribe brings the audience from its fantastic opening. They let it happen naturally without it being gimmicky. I encourage anybody who reads this to order their tickets as soon as possible. Furthermore, I encourage you to participate in the show and join in the finale at the end. You may come away with a different opinion but you wont forget the experience of Hair.


I just saw a preview and it was incredible! The set, cast, music and energy make this one of my favorite shows Ive ever seen.


I just saw a preview and it was incredible! The set, cast, music and energy make this one of my favorite shows Ive ever seen.