Finian's Rainbow

2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Finian's Rainbow, a joy

What a wonderful evening of theater. I probably see 30 or more shows a year in NYC, and I loved everything about this show so much, I would like to see it again.

A light hearted, heartwarming musical

If you are looking for an action packed, heroic adventure with songs equivalent to defying gravity from wicked, do not go to finians rainbow. However, if you are looking for a classic, romantic tale with comedy on the side that makes you feel warm and touched, then rush to see this oustanding revival. My family and I went, and could not find one thing wrong with the production. The set is absolutely beautiful, transporting the audience to the beautiful Rainbow Valley. The music is beautiful, the choreography is oustanding, showcasing Alina Faye as a mute who speaks through dancing, Cheyenne Jackson was strong and commanding, Kate Baldwin was absolutely beautiful, with a soft soprano that touches your heart from the first note she sings, Jim Norton marveled as an old man who has chased dreams all of his life, and Christopher Fitzgerald was a scene stealer as the extremely fun, energetic and playful Og. Showstoppers included Terri Whites "Necesity" and Chuck Coopers "The Begat." The ending is beautiful, and can touch the heart of a telephone pole. It rushes both tear and joy to your heart. Rush to see this oustanding musical before it is too late.

Finian's Rainbow

A great musical. Everyone terrific. Score wonderful. I loved it.

Finian's Rainbow

The set looks like bad summer stock and the production mires on from there. Lots of musical theater connoisseurs seem to be gaga over this Glocca Morra affair, but it left me positively squeamish. Give me Toxic Avenger any day over this dated dud.

RE:finians rainbow, welcome back

a great musical has returned. what a delight. things are fine in glocca mora now. run to see it.

RE:finians rainbow

a wonderful evening in the theatre. an excellent cast, wonderful song. missitucky is alive and well.