2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Oh, skip this one....

In one word: terrible! Doesn't come close to the original. The sets and dancing are right on... Everything else is way off. What a shame considering that the material is so good. Avoid this tourist trap!

Evita - Got to go just to see Ricky Martin

In all honesty, a bit of a snooze. The star of this show was not Elena Roger (Eva Perone) It was Ricky Martin (Che) These were the only two memorable parts for me and in all honesty Elena wasn't really up to par. Max von Essen and Michael Cerveris both had beautiful voices that filled the theater but again their parts seemed demure compared to Rogers and Martins. When Elena Roger vocals got into the higher registers....it got a little munchkinlike. But all in all she gave a good performance. BUT... If anyone gets a chance to see this on Broadway with Ricky Martin do so. It's amazing how he has gone from pop star to Broadway star. He's a different person altogether. He must have studied musical acting/vocals prior to this show as his diction and tone is near perfect. I know that's a bit of a gush but he's truly memorable in this role and it was fun to see him in this character. Tony's..l dunno....but fun to see Ricky...