Everyday Rapture



Fun and Don't take yourself too seriously

Sit back and just enjoy an engaging singer and her stories and perspectives on iife! Warning: not for the devout conservative.

Everday Rapture

it was the worst play that Roundabout put on. Maybe good for summer stock, , one stage, no costumes, two back up singers, similar to rap stars.,but not Broadway. It was one long monologue. Not an original song, but all that had been popular before. Some parts were offensive. I could not wait for it to end.


Before attending, I read up on some reviews on the show and found that Everyday Rapture had a lot of great reviews. Unfortunately, I found it to be boring, offensive at times, and not deserving of being on Broadway-skip it.


The move from off to on Broadway hasnt altered my feeling that this is a flimsy show built around an engaging personality. Her story isnt sturdy enough to sustain a 90 minute show.

tough not to doze after 1st half-hour

typical of most one-person shows, starts strong, ends strong, and drags in middle

Everyday Rapture

A bit of a scatty story which meanders between funny and poignant but doesnt really have either a point or a heart. The cast worked hard but perhaps the short time that they had to put this together showed a bit. The Monday night audience was enthusiastic as it was probably drawn from casts of shows not performing that night. I am not sure all audiences will be so generous but for the sake of the cast, I hope they will.


Really superb. Not to be missed. Sherie is OUTSTANDING!!