2hr. (1 intermission)
Opened Nov 21, 2010
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It,s too bad that more people wont get to see this sweet, charming and funny play as the closing notice is already up.It is well staged an beautifully acted all around. I had a fine time at it and lonly wish its ultimate Broadway fate could have been happier.

RE:Go see this show!

First off, the Norwegian film is very well written, and this English translation/adaptation is just as funny. I havent laughed so hard at a play in a long time. Denis OHare is a standout. Elling is a difficult role, a difficult person, and OHare gave a nuanced performance that allows the characters inherent goodness to shine through. Very very fine. Brendan Frasers Kjell is spot on. Kjell could be played as a cartoonish character, but here hes also infused with humanity. Jennifer Coolidge in her three roles is a hoot. So talented, great timing. Highly recommended.