2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Elf.. Not Tiny in Big Broadway Production

When a bright, breezy show like Elf, finally arrives on Broadway, it is savaged by the NY theatre critics.To me ,Elf is what Broadway should be...a show in which younger children could see as an introduction to Broadway. It does not aspire to be a great American musical at all. It is a very pleasant afternoon in the theatre for the whole family. I wasnt feeling very well today, and I was going to give my ticket to a friend, but I was so glad I went. It cheered me up enormously.Bravo to the entire cast and production team involved.


This play was seen on 11/04/10 in the Al Hirschfeld Theater Midtown NYC: This play follows the movie ?Elf? as closely as possible, such that lovers of the movie will not be disappointed. George Wendt, who plays Santa Clause, narrates the play for the audience and although I was looking forward to seeing the beloved Norm, from Cheers, I felt his acting and singing detracted from the play and was a let down overall. But don?t worry; there are plenty of moments to please both play and musical lovers alike. Reminiscent of the movie, the character of Jovie, Buddy the Elf?s girlfriend, played by Amy Spangler, played by an amazing singer with the voice of an angel. Likewise the Mother/ Son duo of Beth Level and Matthew Gumley have voices that are well suited for both the Broadway stage and for singing duets together. For the Christmas Scrooge?s in the audience Mark Jacoby is about as close as you can get to Walter Hobbs, from the original movie who was played by James Cann. Although the play isn?t going to win any Tony awards it certainly is a feel good play that left the entire audience in good spirits. I say make a day of it, go down to the city early, catch an early dinner and then attend the play for an evening of fun filled laughter. But don?t forget the kids because they will love this too.


elf was very entertaining and funny. ti wouldnt run out and buy tthe soundtrack, but it worked for the show. talent was there for singing and dancing and elf was great and so was everyone else. the comment about being bolemic was definitely distasteful. too many children, adolescents in the audience. i hope they take it iout.