Opened Dec 2, 2007
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William Shakespeare's romance Cymbeline, one of the final plays of the playwright's career, is directed by Mark Lamos, who also directed LCT's production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Imogen marries Posthumus against her father's wishes. Posthumous is exiled and while there told that he has lost his bet that his wife would be faithful. He plots a jealous reunion and revenge. Unaware, Imogene travels to meet him but after some strange occurrences she gets into disguise as a man - in a drugged sleep in a cave with a man and his two sons she awakes next to a headless corpse. Cymbeline has been described variously as Shakespeare's most surprising, anarchic and moving play.

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Cymbeline - Dec 2, 2007

Full Casting Set for LCT Cymbeline - Sep 21, 2007

Cake, Cerveris, Cullum, Plimpton, Rashad Set for LCT's Cymbeline - Aug 13, 2007

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