2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Great reboot of a classic

We saw it and loved it. The peasant/royalty clash was odd, but not overly so, and the added bits of contemporary humor were great. Most of all, the score shines. The cast is great, they sing beautifully, the orchestrations are lush, and the scenery and costumes are the caliber you pay for on Broadway. There were kids in the audience (wearing tiaras) and they loved it. All the classic Cinderella magic they love is there - they've just added some fun for adults, too. If you love R&H's Cinderella, you won't want to miss this re-imagining.

Feel-Good Fun for Adults

I am a huge musical theater fan and do not have kids. If I did and took them to see Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella, I think they would be confused or disappointed. Happily I took my inner kid and had a blast. The show's not perfect but the performances are outstanding! Laura Osnes and Victoria Clark are shoe-in's for Tony nominations. The costumes are to die for. I loved the costume change tricks. The choreography was done well. Cinderellas's coach gave me goose-bumps. I only wish Douglas Carter Beane could have written this as an "adults" only Cinderella. This would have let the wonderful supporting players including Harriet Harris, Peter Bartlett, Ann Harada and Marla Mindelle really go to town. They are under-utilized. I missed Bonnie and Clyde and only saw Laura in a supporting role in Anything Goes. I am very pleased to have seen her in a starring role. I am now a devotee. Her voice is heavenly. I have been an avid admirer of Victoria Clark since Light on the Piazza and was so excited to see her in this true diva role. Another voice from the gods who gets to fly around in heaven more than once before the night is over. What a fun night!

worst storyline ever

I got these tickets as a christmas gift and couldn't wait to go see it since my kids know I loved Rogers and Hammersteins Cinderella with Lesley Ann Warren. I can't tell you how dissappointed I was, if it wasnt for the music I would have walked out!!! All through the play were these political undertones that were disgusting and unappreciated!!! They took the very core out of it!! A ball and a banquet?? c'mon!! All i can say is thank God I decided to take my daughter instead of my husband or we would have surely walked out!!!! They better change the storyline or this show will be a big flop and a great dissappointment for anyone at any age that will be excited to see the true 'Cinderella'....

Not what I expected

RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEINS Cinderella???NOT!!!! I have seen the show in the past and this show is Douglas Beane's Cinderella. The stepsister is in love with the revolutionary who wants to overthrow the king (no prince) After the ball she loses her shoe, picks it up and sticks it on her own foot and gives the king a dirty look. Redistribution of wealth is suggested instead of balls for rich people, but Ella (no Cinder as it is perjorative) somehow wears a $20K designer wedding gown at the end. I want a refund as it is Beane's Cinderella not R&H. Made me sick that the little girls dressed as Cinderella came for one thing with grandma and got another. This mess can be saved as the performers are great singers. The book stinks and is not the dream for little girls FIRE BEANE and his script