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2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


rumer Willis

bought $200 ticket for 9/14/15 thinking that it's Rumer Willis starring as Roxy Hart so disappointed !!!


Please don't waste your money on this show. The dancing is sloppy and there are no special affects! A plastic gun that doesn't shoot blanks really?!

My first Broadway experience

This was my first Broadway show, so I was pretty excited. I did not know the storyline of Chicago. I thoroughly enjoyed the was entertaining and well performed.

Love this show!

I'd see it over and over if I could! Great time!

A Classic

A classical musical. Very good production.

A Classic

A classic musical. Witty and fun. Sometimes a bit slow, but really a good production.


Charlotte dAmboise as Roxie Hart is AMAZING ! Even if you have seen the show before as I have, RUN to see it again with this cast. Chris Sieber as Billy Flynn and Nikka Graff Lanzarone she was in WOMEN ON THE VERGE as Velma Kelly complete a winning threesome.

Jazzy, Classy, and Sexy!

What can one say about a classic musical with witty and intelligent songs, amazingly jaw dropping dance members, and a smart and fun story? Simply Perfect. This is what musical is all about, guys! After all these years on Broadway, CHICAGO still rocks New York City!

Jazzy, Classy, and Smart!

What can one say about such a musical with witty and intelligent songs, amazingly jaw dropping dance members, and an intelligent story? Perefect. CHICAGO still rocks NYC!


Very good show. abit slow a times but it picks up


I thought the show was slow moving.

AWESOME SEATS at Broadway's Song & Dance CLASSIC!

BEST show on Broadway! We got orchestra seats for 50 bucks, without standing in line at the booth. Theres a great website for discount seats to the show - ChicagoOnBroadwayDiscounts - get your tickets there, and have a blast at this awesome show! We LOVED the legendary music of Kander & Ebb, and Fosses choreography.


I saw this show a few years ago, it was great.


Saw Chicago like 6 years ago and it was great! Was pleasantly surprised with George Hamilton he was amazing and talented! They should have picked him for the movie as he was perfect, and Richard Gere was disappointing in the movie role. The movie was better then the musical, as it was up close and personal. Catherine Zeta-Jones was awesome and Rene Zellweger was really good, too. Queen Latifah was fantastic and so was Reilly. Richard Gere not so much. Prefered Robert Hamilton as I said before. All in all, great show!

Always fun

Great performance.


I saw this show March 2007 when Bebe Neuwirth as Roxie & Brenda Braxton as Velma it was AMAZING!!!!! It lived up to every image I had of the show. A must see if you are a true Broadway fan!!


I was really disappointed by this show, and expected much more from a show that was supposedly the top rated show on Broadway. The singers were good except for the one that played the husband. And the person they had playing Roxie was far too old for the role.


One of the best I have seen. Loved every minute of it. Rated teens and up. I am bringing my study abroad student from spain. I think she will love it!

Murder She Acts

Add the genius of Fosse choreography with two killer literally leading ladies, and youve got the sexiest show on Broadway! Recommendation: See it before it goes out with a bang!

best ever...!!!

you must go to see this wonderful show....its simply AMAZING..!!!!