Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

2hr. 45min. (2 intermission)


Welcome Back Tennessee, We Miss You!!

This production of the great Tennessee Williams' play is one of interesting interpretation. Scarlett Johansen gives a noteworthy performance as Maggie the Cat that is different than what I expected. Her Maggie was more of an alley cat rather than a purring kitty. With her sultry voice it would have been more interesting if she put a little more coquettish sensuality into it but all in all she puts in a fine performance. Benjamin Walker's performance as Brick was sometimes ineffective and sometimes brilliant. Ciaran Hinds comes on initially so bombastic as Big Daddy you wonder if you can stand him for the next two hours but after a little while (and after he simmers down) you are rapt in his terrific performance begging for more.The big aspect missing in this production in my opinion was there was very little sexual attraction between Big Daddy and Maggie. I think Tennessee wrote the script to intimate if Brick wasn't around old Big Daddy would be on Maggie like a water buffalo on o bunny rabbit. Kudos also goes to the other members of the supporting cast in particular Debra Monk who gives a stunning performance as Big Momma. I was very pleased to see somebody finally had the stones to reveal Brick had an occasional homosexual tryst with his best friend Skipper. It really adds another dimension to his relationship with Maggie and his view of the mendacity of life. Two flaws in direction I thought were distracting were the loud and purposeless singing of the servants and the ear splitting effect of the fireworks coupled with thunder which was about 1000 decibels more than needed. All in all it was a good show. I think old Tennessee would think "its not quite what I meant, but it ain't bad"

Great play

Thank goodness I ignored the critics' reviews. Great play with a superb Scarlett Johansson