Bring It On: The Musical

2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Geat Show and Spirt

The energy in this show will power Lower Manhattan through the next storm. Fun, Funny and heart warming. Bring It On definitely BRING IT! Don't go into to this expecting the Movie. This show brings a fresh new look to after school fun. Entertaining and high flying fun. A must see.

"Brought" On...Maybe Too Much

The new musical "Bring It On" is very entertaining in a benign way. Meant to be a kind of high school musical with cheerleading gymnastics a a "jumping" off point, it suffers from a woeful padded book and songs that are so repetitive, that by the end, they all seem to sound alike. There are two or three good tunes and well staged numbers, but too few for the length of the musical. The lead is robotic at best, but many members of the supporting cast compensate, or maybe even overcompensate. A pleasant diversion at best for little girls ages 10-16.