Brief Encounter




This is truly magical theatre, so brilliantly staged and acted that the total effect is close to genius. I loved it in Brooklyn last year and loved it all over again in it;s Broadway transfer. It still provides one of the best evenings Broadway has to offer. Dont miss it.

This IS Broadway!!

What an amazing night in the theatre!! Emma Rice is a genius!! From start to finish I was completely engaged. It was funny, touching, clever and the actors are ridiculously talented! The "triple threat" has just been trumped! Miss this show and your missing the best show of the season!!

brief encounter too long

I think the other reviewers had cocktails first. This show was slap-stick and STUPID. Should have called it something else and treated it as new. The audience was reading the reviews in the lobby with shock on the way out. What a waste of talent. The best part was the gentleman playing the SPOONS on the way out !!!!

RE:Best Theatre I have ever seen!

Over the last 20 years I have seen probably 20 plays and 10 operas a year, all over the world. When I booked this show I said to my wife "It is only Noel Coward, so it might be fun but it probably wont be terribly engaging". Was I ever wrong; this play is stunning from every possible angle; production, casting, acting, direction, staging, music, humour, pathos. It had me in tears from both laughter and because it truly moved me. This play raises the bar very substantially and I fear it may be many years if ever I will see the like of it again. I cannot recommend it highly enough.