2hr. 30min. (1 intermission)


Great show

What a great night of fun. I can not say enough about how good the show was. So funny, I laughed the whole show. Mark Rylance is the ultimate actor. Go see it for sure.

Loved it!

Loved it! This show is easy to follow and hysterical. My hat goes off to actors and rest of the crew for doing an amazing job with this play. I watched it on December 14th, 2008.

5 Star Paige

Job well done. Paige, please never give up your Broadway roots.

If you get the chance see it twice!

Having seen the original cast including Bradley Whitford and Mary McCormack in the production a few times, Id highly recommend the show. It was funny, silly, screw-ball and uplifting. Do you remember what its like to laugh yourself silly to the point your sides hurt? Go see this show and remember! Oh and stay for the curtain call - that alone is worth the price of the ticket!


I saw the show 5/3/08 at the 2pm matinee. I loved it! It was sharp, clever, and hilarious. I enjoyed each character immensely. Ms. Baranski is a gem--all her gestures, accent, etc were flawless. As for all the actors--their accents were flawless as well. I cannot wait to see this again!

simply awful

You may enjoy it if you are over 65; which is what the majority of the audience was. They seemed to like it. Otherwise, the comedy is very dated and cliche. I so wanted to like Bradley Whitford cause I thought he was so hot on West Wing. But comedy is just not his thing. Christine Baranski was totally wasted. This was long and boring.