Billy Elliot: The Musical

2hr. 45min. (1 intermission)


Expected More

I really expected more from this play. I could of rented "Fame", "Step Up" or any other "wanna be dancer turned superstar" movie and would have gotten a better experience. I do admit the children were unbelievable in their dancing and acting abilities but it was just so cliche.

Beautiful and moving!

This is what a Broadway show should be: bold, creative, and filled with heart-felt songs and amazing dances! You MUST see this beautiful and moving musical. Its a gift.


All of those Tony awards--made me wonder what for. My husband and I were really looking forward to seeing it because we loved the movie. So disappointing--it was just OK. It was hard at times to understand the dialog. It certainly wasnt the kind of over-the-top experience I expect for Broadway prices.

Garbage, pure and simple!

Easily the worst play I have ever seen. I felt raped when I left the theater. I would have paid the theater money to have been able to go back in time and not have had to experience this terrible piece.


the energy in this show is amazing!!!! the kids in it are the most talented kids ive seen ever! the music is great!

Aahhh, if only I had better seats

I got to see this play through TDF. I was sitting in the balcony I believe. It was such a wonderful show -- the kids were absolutely great. The music & the dances were a delight to watch. I only wished I had better seats, haha.

Billy Elliot

If you have seen the movie You wont be dissapointed with the show. I found it difficult to follow the dialect but was still extremly entertaining.


One of the best musicals Ive seen in Years! We had Tony Kowalik give a workshop at our studio and he was incredible! ~ Rachel

Billy Elliot

I didnt get what all the raves were about. The Billy that we saw was not any better than my local dance school recials.

billy elliot

terrific - the kids are great and the play is very entertaining everyone should see this play

Favorite All Time Musical!

I was absolutely blown away by the talent in this show! This is the type of show that sticks with you. Just loved it!


After so much mediocrity on Bway of late, it is refreshing to see a brilliant show with a strong and tight cast. Absolutely wonderful!