Big Fish

2hr. 20min. (1 intermission)


Nothing short of spectacular...

I wasn't sure what to expect going into it. I've always been a fan of Norbert and Kate Baldwin (and of course the legendary Susan Stroman), but didn't know if it would be more visual or story-driven, if the music would be catchy, etc. The show left my jaw on the floor, and my family and I could not have been more moved emotionally. I can't remember having this much fun at the theater, well, ever, and this is one of those shows that is both wildly entertaining but also makes you leave the theater to call your dad and tell him that you love him. A must see.

Excellent! Brilliant! Amazing!

I have been looking forward to seeing this musical for quite awhile. I loved loved loved the movie, and couldn't imagine how they might stage this story for Broadway. I was full of expectation and was I not only surprised how good this show is, I was blown away. I'm not going into a lot of detail here, because you have to see it for yourself. I will say that this show has all the magic that makes theatre goer's love the theatre. You can see why Susan keeps winning Tony's, and I'll bet you she just won another one. Norbert may have another too and Kate may be joining them at the podium next year. The writing, staging, direction, dancing, singing, acting, are all superior and I complain about the price of Broadway tickets, and most of the time, shows aren't worth the price, but Big Fish definately is. It's this season's Kinky Boots. Wonderful theatre. You will Oooo and Ahhhh, you'll gasp! Laugh a lot, and if you're a human being, you'll shed some tears too! Congratutions you guys and gals, you got a big hit!!!!!! I've already got tickets to see it again!