Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)



Lots of great songs in a interesting story-line. Stand up an clap performances.

My mom is a music lover, growing up she exposed us to many different kinds of it. One of her favorite artists is Carole King, so when the tickets for this musical went up for sale, my family as a whole attended. After seeing Beautiful I now know why, while I am driving in my car listening to Carole King, that I start to laugh, cry, and sing really loud. The reason is because she is expressing all of the emotions, past and present, that I feel and have felt throughout my life in her music. The story shows many aspects of her life which in a sense we all face, either being similar to or experience different variations of, and isn't afraid to reveal the good, the bad, the ugly, and the Beautiful. Not only did the show entertain the audience as an individuals, but it seemed to touch the audience as a whole. Not only me, but so many others in attendance were singing, laughing, tearing up (I cried), and some even got up and danced. As the lights went on at the end of it all, there were smiles all around, we hugged as we said our goodbyes to the audience members that surrounded us. Wonderful show and great cast. Thank you to everyone that made this happen, and cheers to a wonderful night out:)


I just attended the preview in San Francisco. It was truly sad to see such great talent wasted on this wanna be Jersey Boys-type musical. The gifted Jessie Mueller is badly miscast as the great Carole King. Far from being a musical about King's life, it stops short-well before she meets James Taylor, and none of their songs are in the show. Was cost of rights a factor-likely yes. Not a great tribute to Carole King. If this show survives on Broadway, it will be a sad commentary on how desperate the Great White Way is for a new show. Jersey Boys wanna be's, PLEASE STOP! Kinky Boot is great- lets have some creativity, producers! For those nostalgic theatregoers sixty-five and up, if you can get a ticket for 1/2 price, enjoy.