Baby It's You!

2hr. 20min. (1 intermission)


Just go and enjoy it for what it is! A fun show!

I truly do not understand all of the negative reviews and comments about this feel good and heartfelt musical. We went in expecting a terrible show. How wrong we were! We simply loved it and had a great time going down memory lane with one timeless song after another. And, yes, there is a touching true story about a woman who wants to follow her heart and her passions--and be more than just a New Jersey housewife and mother . In 1958 this was a major conflict. Many themes are explored such as interracial relationships, war, racism, sexism, and the corruption of the music bussiness. At last nights eletricfying performance, we laughed, sang along, and had a delightful evening at the theater. And by the looks of it, the rest of the audience also enjoyed this colorful and often clever musical as much as we did. The acting, singing, dancing, and staging couldnt have been better. It deserved its standing ovation. See it before it closes on September 4. You wont regret it.

Can improve, but a great show

They can improve some, but the show was terrific.

Great music, weak book

Some very good singers, and if this had been a concert I would have enjoyed it much more. The story has such promise, but its more a thin frame for the songs, and its not as if the songs tell the story. I had high expectations of this, and sadly, they werent met.

Ugh--Avoid like the plague

Truly awful show. It tries to be Jersey Boys but it cant. The book is dreadful and the show is a total mess. I dont know who they think theyre doing up there, but it sure isnt The Shirelles. Its not even a semi-reasonable facsimile. As jukebox musicals go, this one is one of the worst Ive ever seen. Theres no conflict, no point, no real story. Im not sure what the actors are doing on that stage, but it cant be called good acting. Thoroughly hated this show and walked out at intermission I wanted to leave after the first five minutes, actually--and then the show went downhill from there. Why was it designed so badly? Why was the "orchestra" really just a handful of players on stage the whole time and hidden? How did this mess make it to Broadway? As much as I love Beth Leavel, this wasnt a good showcase for her and pul-leez, could we get someone to do more authentic makeup and wigs??? Really, no excuse for all the anachronisms.

Baby It's Sooo Good!

Thoroughly enjoyable show. I really enjoyed listening to songs of yesteryear and learning the story behind the rise of Florence Greenberg and The Shirelles. I would have liked to hear more about the actual Shirelles and their story, but this was indeed about Ms. Greenberg. Learning about this very powerful woman was great. I loved the songs and the costumes and enjoyed the musical very much.

Baby Its You

Music is great, but they used the same actors over and over for the different singers....i think they should have had more members in the cast and maybe have gotten actors to look somewhat like the singers they were portraying

Baby It;s You!

This play had some of the best 60s songs by the Shirelles. 5 of us ladies went and had a great time. I am going back again as I loved it so much ! This was a great night out .

Baby, do Go (and yes I WILL love you tomorrow)!

This is a delightful triumph successfully using the Jersey Boys template and formula...minus the profanity. Sure, this is the second in what will be a musical parade of shows based on early 60s radio fare, but lets be honest: IT WAS AN AMAZING PERIOD FILLED WITH GREAT STORIES, CHARACTERS and SONGS! The cast is excellent, the story though handled in a skimpy fashion interesting and the music is delivered by a truly talented and endearing array of performers."Duke of Earl" and the Shirelles immortal hits will be playing in your headjuke for weeks. The sets are simple and effective,and the only question I had when I left was: how come no "Will You Love Me Tomorrow"? My guess, Carole King is holding that for her own eagerly awaited Broadway retelling!

Baby It's You

This musical was so good. The songs and actors were excellent. Anyone who lived in the 60s will love this play. The singers were great, and the acting was great. I will definitely see this one again.