Avenue Q

2hr. 15min. (1 intermission)


Avenue Q

Funny, witty, brilliant.


I will rate it 5 out of 5.

Avenue Q

Muppets getting it on

Avenue Q

I saw this Broadway production in 2007. It was a very entertaining and moving show. I had no idea a puppet could make me cry.

Funniest Show on Broadway

I say with full confidence that Avenue q is the funniest show i have EVER seen on broadway. I just saw it last night, and laughed the entire show. But despite the silly and comedic elements of the show, it really does display what real life can be like, including struggling to find purpose, love, sex, jealousy, and homosexuality. And the message at the ends shines clear and true. If you want to laugh at things you never thought youd hear on a broadway stage, this is the show for you!

Sesame Street Meets Reality

Ones have coined this show as "Sesame Street on Crack" and its the best crack youll ever taste! Somehow, expressing the uncertainess and hard times we face on a day to day basis with song and puppets, makes the sadness go away. I suppose were all hit with a bit of schadenfreude on the way out. The puppets are worse off than us, and that makes us feel great! Recommendation: See it! Its worth the cost, especially if youre unemployed and 33!

great lyrics and concept

Loved the clever lyrics

Great Play Musical Puppetry Acting

One of the few plays I would go back to see a second time. Great, sunny and funny. Adult version of sesame street.