August: Osage County

3hr. 20min. (2 intermission)




must see

Stellar performances, brilliant writing and flawless pacing make this play feel like it is only 40 minutes long while it is, in fact, over three hours long. A totally implausible story that would otherwise seem heavy-handed here takes you along for the ride and you never question it. Bravo to audiences for not requiring television or film stars in order to buy tickets to this moving and funny play.

August: Osage County

Thrilling theatre - the best Ive seen in many years. Moving, disturbing, and hilarious script, direction, and acting. Powerful, deeply and positively enmeshed ensemble work. Three hours of theatre bliss!


Great show of life as with many people they wind up this way alone and with little to show for their life work. Of three sisters only one married and unhappy with one kid who is totaly disfunctional A Must see

It was ok

TOTALLY dysfunctional family.....makes my family seem like quakers