All About Me

1hr. 30min.


Nothing Else like it on Broadway!!

So much fun!! I am a broadway regular living in Brooklyn and I was lucky enough to get comp tickets to see All About Me starring Dame Edna and Michael Feinstein. I was kinda skeptical at first but was swaying my gladiola proudly by the end of the production! It is like NOTHING else on Broadway! The set is gorgeous and a bit reminiscent of Rickys Cabana in I love Lucy. Michael starts off the show with three beautiful numbers in which he sings and plays the piano with the orchestra on stage accompanying him! Then out comes the Dame on her throne of gladioli. It is a stage picture you will never forget!! Dame Edna is hysterical! She thinks on her feet and reacts and pulls from what is happening around her! I would totally pay full price to go back and see it again! I heard it changes and is a different show every night! Everyone on stage seems to be having a great time and really are enjoying themselves! I highly recommend.

Brilliant moments

Despite the awkward, overly-sincere Feinstein reveries about the American songbook almost laughable, though theyre not meant to be, there are great moments in this show that are not to be missed. Dame Ednas rendition of "Ladies Who Lunch," is absolute genius, better even than Strichs; her song "The Dingo Ate My Baby" is hysterically funny; and her physical comedy has never been better. And whenever Feinstein stops talking and starts singing, he brings down the house. Definitely recommended!


Thanks to a friend with "connections" to the show Ive been privileged to see 3 Preview Performances of "All About Me." I have watched it grow into what it is now - which is something unlike anything on Broadway - and it works.. splendidly. What might seem like an odd pairing turns out to be classic. Think George and Gracie. There is just the right amount of laugh out loud moments most from the Grande Dame herself but Feinstein carries his own when he has to. More than playing the comic foil - MF is in better voice than ever and is backed by a wonderful orchestra. Dont miss it !!!

RE:A Fun Dame Edna Show Ruined

Had this been all Dame Edna, it would have been a hilarious delightful evening. As it was, it is about one/fifth delightful and four/fifths excrutiatingly awkward. Just when Dame Edna gets going, Michael Feinstein comes back with some awkward banter and the whole thing goes to heck. This must have seemed like a good idea at 2am after a few bottles of wine, but cooler heads should have prevailed.