A Little Night Music

2hr. 40min. (1 intermission)


Never give the audience a chance to look at their watches!

I finally saw A little night music last night. It was okay but not great. The acting and singing were good overall with one exception in Elaine Stritch who could not remember her lines all night. Even worse, she seems to have a hearing problem because someone in the pit who told her the line, "Passion and the Arts", said it so loudly that I could hear it all the way in the last row of the Mezzanine! The show was supposed to end at 10:50. I left at 11 pm while Stritch was trying a second time to remember a stanza and was trying to get the 12 year old actor to help her. It was painful to watch. Besides Stritch, the direction was weak in the pacing department. They could have cut ten minutes of pauses that would have made the 3 hours feel shorter. never give the audience a chance to look at their watches! by the time Bernadette Peters sang the big song, "Send in the clowns", I was looking at my watch for the tenth time. The ideal casting would have been Peters and Landsbury!

Bernadette Peters is a shining star

Im going to give away my age--I saw this on the road when it was new and fresh, starring I think Jean Simmons as Desiree. I skipped the Zeta-Jones version because I couldnt imagine her singing "Send in the Clowns." When Bernadette Peters took over the role of Desiree, I couldnt resist seeing her in the part. She adds another gem to her Sondheim crown, and her "Send in the Clowns" is a show-stopper, a heart-rending, heartfelt rendition both totally true and totally wonderful. I should say a word about Elaine Strich, whose voice in long gone, miles from her role in "Company." Shes an icon best viewed in fond remembrance, but well suited to the part she played. I doubt Lansbury was any better. A great night of musical theatre.

didnt like it

i honestly didnt like it.i saw it with angela lansbury she was the only good part of the show. i saw the understudy for catherine zeta jones and she was much better than catherine.


Its still an elegent bandbox jewl of a show.Bernadette Peters seemed miscast but she sang beautifully and gave a good account of herself. Elaine Stritch was wonderful and after more than 60 years on stage is still a joy to see.After 10 months the show still is opening night fresh and is still one of the better shows in town.


This elegant band box revival is is just as fine now as it was back in December when it first opened, and the new leads make a visit to the Walter Kerr Theatre essential. While Bernadette Peters seemed miscast in some ways she is a fine actress and a wonderful singer and her version of Send I



A Beautiful, Perfect Production

Anyone who doesnt think Elaine Stritch and Bernadette Peters belong in this show just didnt see the performance I did--sublime from beginning to end, with beautfiul singing, acting, and a charming and delightful script. I reviewed it on my blog at http://www.myselfinhoboken.blogspot.com

Sour Music

A God awful production of a great musical, now miscast with Peters and Stritch. This masterpiece deserved a first-class production and instead audiences get shoddy, tinny sounding, 2nd rate summer stock. The supporting cast is uniformly awful too, especially Petra and Anne.

Little Night Music

Stephen Sondheim should be beyond happy with this cast Peters and Stritch leading the other marvelous performers who stayed on. Alexander Hanson was superb with both casts I have seen this musical often enough to know I was in the presence of greatness, that this is how it should be played, and that it was a transcendent evening of theater. Each number stunned me with what it revealed that Id never seen before. And the entire audience seemed to be equally smitten. I hope to be able to go back yet again. Save me a seat. WOW.

a little night music

It was awesome. Plus to actually see C.Z.Jones & An lans B live on a stage its just that , so real, so awesome! her singing was so fine. They are such original classy ladies. It simply does speak for itself. C.Z.Jones is so, so beautiful! Comes from what we call Good Stock! God Bless her! A Winner!!! had hoped to have met her out side the stage door! OH WELL!

A Little Night Music

This revival is the best show Stephen Sondheim has ever written. The cast is excellent, the sets are very imaginative and the music is beautiful. We thought that Catherine Zeta-Jones might not be up to it....but she is. We loved this show.

A Little Night Music

Not to miss! Catherine Zita Jones was a natural and Angela Landsbury was superb. Seeing it again!


the show was excellent and the singers were great. You must see

Loved it!

My mom got to see it in 1973 and I am so glad I was able to see it in 2010! The set was amazing... loved the simplicity and effectiveness of it. The acting/singing was suburb - Hanson was a complete joy as were Zeta-Jones, Lansbury and the rest of the cast. One of my favorite musicals by Sondheim - so glad I was able to see it!

Very Good ....not Great....but too long

Attended 12/2/09 .. loved watching Catherine.. Angela was so VERY GOOD ..humorous ...a grand dame of theatre, etc. loved the music/lyrics/story .. all parts were played very very well but unfortunately tooo long.. not sure where to cut ....but Dont cut the blonde siren scene !!! Enjoyed but could be better..

WONDERFUL! A Little Night Music

Absolute perfection. Catherine Zeta-Jones is sublime and Angela Landsbury is amazing. We adored this play and already have tickets to see it again with friends when they come to town for the holidays. Dont miss this. It is a true Broadway experience.

RE:a little night music

We walked out during the intermission. The story line is a sleeper, the talent is up on stage but the plot is so dated and flat.