A Life in the Theatre

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A Life in the Theater

This play was seen on 11/16/10 in the Schoenfeld Theater Midtown NYC: I was very excited to go see both Patrick Stewart and TR Knight perform this production on Broadway. Sadly I felt let down by both the writing and the acting. I understand the premise in that it?s a ?passing of the torch? from the older actor Robert to the up and coming actor John but no moments or speeches felt like the torch was actually being passed. Instead the older actor, played by Stewart, babbles and passes along incoherent thoughts to the new actor, played by Knight. I do know that some re-writing was done for this Broadway production and having never seen the original I don?t know if this play suffered from being reworked or the complete lack of on-stage chemistry between the two actors. Whatever it was the evening was a disappointment and I am not surprised to hear that the show is closing its doors earlier than expected. There are so many good things playing on Broadway right now that it might be better to spend your money seeing something else. However if you are a die hard fan, of either Stewart or Knight, then it might be worth your time since, with a non-packed house, good seats are readily available.


It must have worked well in a 299 seat theatre in Greenwich Village but in a standard [1000 seat] Broadway house it seems very much out of place. Its seemed more of a skech than a play even with excellent performances by Patrick Stewart and T.R. Knight the whole thing seemed underdeveloped and unsatisfying and lost on a big Broadway stage.

Life in the THEATRE

Saw this in previews and thought the acting was quite good, however story line left a lot to be desired. I found myself falling asleep a number of times. Needed more depth beside the actors

RE:Not up to Sir Patrick's standard!

Saw this show in previews 9/25/10. I sure hope they tweak it a lot for opening night. Need to preface by saying I am a huge Patrick Stewart fan and saw him in "Ride Down Mt. Morgan" and "MacBeth" his last 2 visits to New York. I was disappointed that much of this play was rather silly and insubstantial. What I anticipated was a work involving the pathos of a younger actors gradual disillusionment with his older role model liberally sprinkled with comic relief to prevent it from getting too heavy. Instead, I witnessed a play which was essentially nothing but lighter-than-air comic relief. There were many opportunities for poignancy and depth and it seemed that the director whiffed on every one of them. T.R. Knight had absolutely no opportunity to "grow" in a dramatic sense through the course of the play nor even to demonstrate in a substantial way that he hadnt "grown" if that was the point. His role remained theatrically flimsy and lighter than meringue! This is a pair of actors that should shine and one senses that this is a play that could sparkle but I can only conclude that the director fell asleep at the wheel...Sorry that I cant say something more positive Sir Patrick. I have the greatest respect for all of the rest of your work and will continue to follow you wherever you go!