A Behanding in Spokane

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A Behanding in Spokane

Probably if you are high on something, you will have a fabulous time and never stop laughing. However, we were going to see another Martin McDonaugh play and to see Christopher Walken on stage. The last thing we saw of McDonaugh was his brilliant film, In Bruges, with Colin Farrell. So-o back to "Behanding".....without Christopher Walken this play would fall flat and even with Walken, unless you are sitting way up front and can actually see the little facial grins, smirks and Walken mannerism.......this play becomes very boring.......we would not recommend seeing this, unless you can get seats close to the stage.

Worst Play of the Century?

This was an embarrasement for all parties concerned. Not only did the F-word wear one down, but so di the N-one. One can only wonder where the playwright had gone had the Mackie character been white. Had no idea what the point was here -- perhaps a misguided comment on an Irishman trying to get inside an Americans head much less a black one.


The world has become far too focused on what may or may not be politically correct, suffocating substance in favor of the safety of bland non-controversy. Thank goodness Martin McDonaughs script wasnt edited to the point of being pointless. A Behanding In Spokane is a powerful character study of life in a Kafka-esque environment stretching from the stage to the audience, suggesting to our individual imaginations those tributaries of human action and interaction so dramatically portrayed by this superb cast. It just doesnt get any better than this, in my opinion.

A Behanding in Spokane

We specifically chose to see this play because of Christopher Walken. We like his acting and have a sense of the characters he has played in the past. If you enjoy a steady stream of the "F" word then this is for you. The acting was good, the humor good, the foul language was not needed. The same dramatic effect can come out with a little more work on dialog. I can not recommend this play. We almost walked out.

Too offensive for me!

The premise of the play is bizarre, but we thought wed give it a try anyway. Poor choice. If the "F" word were removed, there would be nothing to laugh at, at all. And how many times can you laugh at the use of the "F" word?? I guess it might appeal to adolescents, but its rather expensive for that group. Save your money or make another choice is my suggestion.

Very Terrible Play

Worst play I have ever seen. Would have walked out at intermission-but there wasnt one.

A Behanding in Spokane

Interesting show, Christopher Walken definitely and Sam Rockwell were hilarious. The type of comedy is not one that I would normally spend time watching but I do recommend to others who are not easily offended and can look beyond the language and racist remarks and just enjoy the entertaining cast and script.


christopher walken is so freaking good, hes my favorite and it doesnt hurt that we grew up in the same neighborhood in Astoria. When I was a kid, my grandpa used to take me to Walkens bakery on Sundays for Jelly Donuts. heaven


It is short...but funny. Be prepared for a lot of language. Lots of great moments...I enjoyed it!

Terrible play

Walkens style transfers to the stage brilliantly and Sam Rockwells comedic timing is pretty outstanding. The play in itself is hackneyed and without depth and one leaves the theater, as my friend said, "feeling as unchanged by the play as the couple of Toby and I cant even remember her names characters do." Mackie and Kazans incessant screaming, mostly of profanity, is hard to take. Not so much because of the cursing but because of their poor acting. And when they are left alone in the room, after Walken goes off on his smoke break, the play is barely tolerable. I wouldnt waste my money if I hadnt already, unless youre a big Walken fan and are dying to see him live.

Behanding In Spokane

I have to wonder how long the play would have been if the F-word, N-word and blasphemy would have been removed. I dont think it takes a lot of talent when most of the dialogue consists of same. Walken was mediocre-his voice barely carried past the first ten rows. What a waste of money.

a behanding in spokane

Felt like I'd been had.

This play was like one long Saturday Night Live skit starring Chris Walken. With Walken parodying himself in a big way. It was stupid and after reading this mornings NYT interview with McDonaugh, I really feel like a double chump spending my money on this weak play. He seems to have figured out that using the F bomb once or twice is no longer shocking on stage so his solution is to have his characters say F*** FIVE times a sentence EVERY sentence for ninety minutes straight. Maybe he thought that would be just so funny. Not. Though the teenage boys behind me were yukking up a storm and afterward said how great the bad language was. Yeah.... I imagine this is the audience McDonaugh was hoping to please. As I said, Walken was a parody of his weird self, the black guy played scared so over the top he reminded me of Buckwheat grown up. The girl was unremarkable and the only interesting character was the reception guy. Save your money. .

Felt Like I'd been had.

Walken is brilliant...

Great play, loved Walken...totally missed the reference to Night of the Hunter until, strangely enough, I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show the other night. Love/Hate on the knuckles...ahhh, it all makes sense now!

If it doesn't say "Disney", don't expect Disney

attended Feb. 27 -- Hilarious black comedy providing an opportunity for Walken to showcase his psychotic side brilliantly. One more great big feather in Martin McDonaghs cap year after year, one of the most follow-worthy playwrights working today,

If it doesn't say "Disney", don't expect Disney

attended Feb. 27 -- Hilarious black comedy providing an opportunity for Walken to showcase his psychotic side brilliantly. One more great big feather in Martin McDonaghs cap year after year, one of the most follow-worthy playwrights working today.

A must see

I absolutely loved, loved, loved this show. I saw it last night. It was wonderful to see Christopher Walken up close in his element. None of the actors disappointed me and the chemistry of the four actors was amazing. Kazan and Mackie were phenomenal! I was in stitches the entire time. There is a ton of strong politically incorrect language so if you want to bring the kids along you may want to rethink it.

Walken, what more can you say!

Saw this producation on Feb. 24. Most was bizarre and imaginatively funny. No intermission, but did have a short piece by Rockwell, some funny, some a little ouch irreverent. Loved the experience of Christopher Walken, the prime reason I purchased the ticket. Watch out Tonys, heres your man.

Did not disappoint.

Absolutely loved this show! Originally bought ticket because of Walken and Rockwell....they did not disappoint, the dialogue between the two was worth the price of the ticket. The bonus was Kazan and Mackie!! The interaction between all 4 actors throughout this quirky, black comedy was priceless. Be aware of some profanity and politically incorrect language but be prepared to laugh outloud from start to finish. I did!!!

RE:Hysterically Funny!

Saw this last night - what a treat. Much funnier than I had expected but you have to love black comedy and not mind the frequent use of strong language. The whole situation with the hand was just off-the-wall funny. All the actors were perfect in their roles and of course Christopher Walken is just super-cool. Standing ovation from the audience. Definitely not for children.