700 Sundays

2hr. 10min. (1 intermission)


A Classic Performance From A Classy Guy

Billy Crystal brings back his 2005 Tony Award winning one-man show 700 Sundays and shows us why he is one of the most revered multitalented and beloved comedian,author,director,emcee,actor and all around genuine nice guy. His father passed on when Billy was only sixteen years old. The play's title comes from the number of Sundays he spent with his father Jack Crystal. Billy spins the story of his childhood through his one-man multi character stand-up presentation. You become engrossed and highly entertained from the moment he runs onto the stage until the close of the show when he does a cartwheel and kneels with an arms raised "ta-da"! This is the ultimate feel good show. It will make you smile and give you a chuckle throughout. You will reflect on Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays for a long time. If you have the opportunity to see 700 Sundays go at all costs!