The Rapture Project



Great Small Works' newest production is an original and serio-comic look at fundamentalism and current American culture and politics, played out to their absurdist limits by a colorful cast of puppets, performers, and musicians. Alternately ridiculous and terrifying, The Rapture Project brings together tabloid stories from the daily news, in-depth accounts of current American synergies of religion and politics, the popular literature of The End Times, nineteenth-century Sicilian puppet theater, 1920s fundamentalist iconography, design inspirations from the sixties psychedelic troupe the Cockettes, and original music by composer and saxophonist Jessica Lurie, in an epic spectacle following an unlikely cast of characters from the USA to the Plains of Megido. See the Creationist tour of the Grand Canyon! Enter the world of Muslim squatter punks in Buffalo! Hear the tortured rants of an Iraq War profiteer! Watch culture clash in the studios of Al-Jazeera! Wonder if the Rapture and the Second Coming are upon us!

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