The Notebook



The Notebook, by Wendy Kesselman, is a powerful drama with themes of youth, the power of literature, and unrequited love. Nina Schuessler directs. The play follows the relationships of two students with each other and with their fabled English teacher, Miss Thorne, at a private school in Manhattan. Warren lives to read, and his enthusiasm and literary talent make him Miss Thorne's favorite. But when Jennie, a Russian immigrant, arrives at the school, Miss Thorne's allegiance shifts. Jennie, a brilliant literature student, passionate beyond her years, is the student Miss Thorne has sought her whole life. Jennie idolizes Miss Thorne, who showers her with compliments, including one she almost never bestows when, after reading some of Jennie's poems, she tells Jennie that she may be a writer. Warren is not jealous of the attention Jennie receives because he has fallen madly in love with her.

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