Shut Up! Slow Down! I Can Handle This!

Opened May 21, 2008
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Part sci-fi, part vaudeville prophecy, Theodore Goodell's How to Kill a Robot is a splintered comedy which recklessly rewires our perception of life, sex, and technology. Life in wartime is confusing, especially if your imagination is transported to Baghdad while your body lives in your parents' house in Montpelier. Alex Pollock's Machine Gun-Death Rattle relates the conflict between a twenty-something and the Furies which be-dog him as he struggles to make sense of life in No Man's Land. Once upon a time, a Kingdom was attacked by a dragon while His Highness desperately craved a beer. Wesley Savick's His Highness and the Dragon is a fairy tale with entirely coincidental parallels to our own Grimm era.

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