Kid Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh

1hr. 35min.


kind of REALLY Cool

My husband and I saw this show last Saturday evening and had such a great time! We are avid Boston theater goers and found ourselves in the audience due to a friend of ours who loves, loves loves LOVES indie Boston theater. Thinking back on the show, we werent impressed with the script. In fact, Ive seen a few local young Bostonians plays that were much better than Mr. Harrisons play. However, the acting was, on the whole, very good. The lights and sounds were good, also. Our favorites were definitely the Mother and Father Ms. Lisbon and Mr. Zahnzinger. The two actors did extremely well with the broad production design which I wasnt fond of, but my husband liked. and though I didnt like the broadness, the two actors are perfect for the form. The Virgin hah! Mr. Chris held his own against so many well known Boston Indie actors and Mr. DiLoreto and Mr. Young were also very flexible and loved their characters! Ms. Cassandra Meyers, I felt stole the show for the moment as the Amway Woman. But I think my husband and I both especially LOVED Mr. Pelletier as the Mercenary. Weve had the privilege of watching him perform in two other productions and he is always a joy. It looks as if Mr. Pelletier lives on the stage. As if he is your best friend and his soul purpose is to entertain. Mr. Pelletier plays four + characters and each voice is different and fun and obviously, very thought through. We also loved his old man costume a product of cast member DiLoreto. The main character of Moll is played by newcomer Brittany Halls. She is good. She is quick and funny, though at times shouty. And the Foley Artist probably needs another week, but mostly she did well. Like I said, the script is weak but the light and sound design is So, so, so strong. The acting is great and while I dont like some of the directions the play blows through, the show as a whole is quite good. The director, Krista DAgostino has much to be proud of, and has made so many great choices especially in casting and design, which Im told is half of directing. I look forward to see the next Holland Productions show. If you get to see this show, do it! It is worth the MERE $15!!! Bravo! and Thanks!