Hot Mikado

Opened May 2, 2010
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In the mythical village Titi-Pu, where flirting is illegal, a young rocker on the run from his over-eager fiancée is searching for the woman who stole his heart. Unfortunately, she has already been promised to her much older guardian. A series of seemingly fool-proof plans are hatched, only to be foiled by the merciless Mikado. This snappy adaptation of a classic musical by Gilbert and Sullivan has tunes and styles ranging from jazz and swing to gospel and blues. In this zany world full of colorful characters, flash, and fun, there is no telling what a wink will get you and who will ultimately steal your heart.

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McCaela Donovan, Kennedy Reilly-Pugh, Lisa Yuen et al. Set for New Rep's Hot Mikado - Apr 14, 2010

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