Opened Feb 19, 2007
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What does it take to make a man? God? Anatomy? Home delves into a family whose faith is rocked with the death-bed revelation that Minister Lulu Edwards' grandfather was born biologically female. Lulu lashes out at her family over what she sees as a secret that was kept from her. But her grandfather never identified himself as anything other than a man, so how can his gender identity ever be something he considered hidden? Complicating this revelation, Lulu learns that her new love interest, Kai, is a professional drag king whose own gender identity is a bit more fluid than Lulu can handle. Lulu's grandfather, Pappi, remains a presence throughout the production and it is in Lulu's conversations with him that a family can finally heal. This performance of Home is presented as a fundraiser for Queer Soup's upcoming educational tour. The tour is designed to raise awareness about transgender and queer identity issues.

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