Gorefest V: Blood on the Bayou

1253 Cambridge St, Mid-Cambridge, MA 02139
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It's Halloween time again, and ImprovBoston is hiding the good furniture and putting plastic sheeting on the walls as we prepare for GoreFest V: Blood on the Bayou, the fifth annual installment of the hit comedy-horror-musical. This original show from writer Don Schuerman and composer Steve Gilbane is an unforgettable comedy gumbo: chunks of Anne Rice, a cup of Tennessee Williams, pieces of Friday the 13th and a pinch of Scooby Doo, in a spicy musical roux with hints of jazz, blues, country and zydeco. Blood on the Bayou is the story of the bright-eyed members of a college a cappella group who travel to Louisiana on a volunteer trip. No one leaves unsplattered as these harmonic heroes encounter gothic witches, lonely ladies, conniving politicians, drunken Mardi Gras revelers and a particularly sadistic swamp monster.

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