Fuddy Meers

Opened Oct 5, 2000
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Fuddy Meers starts off as just another normal day for Claire. She wakes up and greets the morning. Her husband, Richard, brings her coffee and patiently explains that she suffers from a form of psychogenic amnesia that erases her memory every night when she goes to sleep. Things really start to go awry when a furtive, limping, lisping, half-dead man in a ski mask kidnaps Claire, and her husband stops at nothing to get her back. Other characters that we meet along Claire's journey include her overgrown eighth grade son, her mother, an ex-convict with a foul-mouthed puppet and Heidi, a very intense woman who may or may not be a cop. This wacky, yet poignant comedy proves that no family dysfunction is insurmountable. Written by South Boston native David Lindsay-Abaire, this play kicks off SpeakEasy Stage Company's 10th Anniversary Season.

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