Derin Brockovich - The Musical

Opened Aug 18, 2010
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In Provincetown, MA, something is causing men's dinks to shrink. Could it be the Cape Cod water, the delectable fried clams, or perhaps the controversial cell-phone towers emanating a poisonous signal? Leave it to Derin Brockovich, a small town nobody with a big-time spirit, to solve the mystery that is plaguing this seaside resort town. A hilarious send-up of a movie with nearly the same name, Derin Brockovich - The Musical is a musical extravaganza -- complete with intrigue, romance, tight-fitting costumes, and a whole lot of heart. Written by Steve Alden Nelson and Michael Sottile, Created by Steve Alden Nelson, Danny Schmitz and Michael Sottile, Directed by Michael Sottile.

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