Deadly Image

Opened Apr 4, 2014
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Billionaire industrialist Wentworth Jefferson invites private investigator Joey (Jo Ellen) Reynolds to a party at his mansion where she meets, and secretly photographs, the people he believes might wish to see him dead. Frozen for a moment, as if caught on film, we meet the suspects: his flighty wife, Mamie; her children, playboy Sam Kane and sculptress daughter, Selena; his bitter ex-wife, Julia Jefferson; society columnist Felica Phillips, whom he once jilted; his spinsterish personal assistant, Debra Mason; and a senior executive in his firm, Paul Carter, and his genteel Southern wife, Mary Jane. Also present are a trio of servants who are not fond of their employer. Before the evening is over, one of those present kills Jefferson. But which one? Joey and police detective Al Reynolds, her ex-husband, use her photos to uncover an important clue.

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