Buddy Cop 2

Opened Oct 20, 2011
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Midwest cops work up a big sweat playing on-the-job racquetball while coordinating special Christmas arrangements for a local dying girl's final wish. What would prompt citified "devised theatre" practitioners to zero in on such a hokey premise? For one thing, Shandon, Indiana is definitely not Mayberry. Set in a recreation center turned police station (it's been like that for a few years!), Buddy Cop 2 keeps the audience bouncing around a plot that is in a perpetual state of unease, with quirky twists and turns that end up leaving everyone hanging. There's mystery, flirtation, guffaws, compassion, Christmas spilling over into the new year, and a dark cloud looming overhead, that very much sounds like a helicopter. And sweat, lots of sweat.

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Buddy Cop 2 to Play Stoneham Theatre in October - Sep 23, 2011

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